The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Ramadhan


One day we’re waiting anxiously for the discussion to be over confirming the arrival of Ramadan, and the next thing we know is how quickly Ramadhan has slipped away and we are now about to celebrate Eid. Each year we say we will do better but what if there is no next year? A friend of a friend was killed in a motorcycle accident yesterday, a big shock but inshaAllah he will be breaking his fast with the angels. Ameen.

Back to us, how many hours have we spent sleeping or worrying about iftar, suhoor etc? How do you stop wasting hours. Between the chaos of planning the menu, juggling social responsibilities and paying tribute to the ideas that have become synonymous with Ramadan, the essence of it all seems to slip away. But with the proper planning and goal setting, you can have your cake and eat it. Heres how.

Goal 1: Finish reading the Qur’an
Goal 2: Attend tarawih prayers
Goal 3: Give back to the community
Goal 4: Hold back your temper
Goal 5: Kick bad habits for good
Goal 6: Do all of the above without compromising your status as a social diva
Goal 7: Resist sweet temptations

Try it and see how it goes. Truffles are allowed! (You know what I mean!)

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