Are you in the queue?

So alhamdolillah I am in the queue, but in the queue for what? I hope I am in a better place in the queue for Jannah at the end of Ramadhan than where I was at the start, inshaAllah.

But where am I in the queue for my WOW idea and for the NicheHero stuff?

Do I have a WOW idea, do I have a clear avatar to who my idea will be wow? Sometimes the more people you speak to the more your mind gets hazy and things get cloudy.

Now am I in the queue? Absolutely, I am. And am I going to leave and join another queue and start all over again? No way!

So now I am going to share my journey with you on how I come up with the idea, stop procrastinating and how I set my goals and achieve them. Want to join the queue? We'll have a great chat and become friends for life if you are up for it.

UP FOR IT? Then comment now and say why.

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