Tips on how to stay calm infront of a video camera

Assalam alaikum ra rahmatullah

Safa, This blog post is just for you! I am an amateur when it comes to videos! There are a few short steps that I followed and I kind of worked these out as I was doing it and alhamdolillah it was an enjoyable experience.

1. Actually, homemade is fine, and have confidence that you can do it. I used the Kodac Zi8 as recommended to me by Adnan. I can't find the mic he recommended but actually didn't need it for the video I did. Ok its not professional, but it works.

2. Get someone you trust to take the video. Give them clear instructions- 'focus on what I am saying and don't laugh' are a good start!

Length of video should be 2-3 minutes, no longer. This also helps you to relax as its short.

Make your description clear and specific so that it is easy to see what you want to achieve within a few words.

Take deep breaths or do a short relaxation excerise before you start.

Always start with a dua!

Do a couple of takes. But before you do this prepare a few key bullets. Practice by reading out what you want to say and then look in a mirror and do the same. Its amazing how much you will make small amendments just from your own observations.

Hope these tips are useful. If anyone else has any good ideas on how to stay calm- why dont you share below?

This is Saiyyidah, the only UK NicheHero signing off! Wasalaam

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  1. Awww JazakAllah Khair! This is by far one of the sweetest things anyone has ever done for me =o)

    I love you for the sake of Allah!

    Your next video topic sounds very interesting. I'll be waiting for it! :)