Stepping up and being a leader

Assalam alaikum wa rahmatullah,

What am amazing day I had yesterday! I felt fantastic at the end of the day- a massive sense of acheivement. However, it didn't start in the best of ways. My 4 year old son lost his PowerRanger toy. Honestly, I wasn't a very good leader (or parent) for him because I tried to find it for a few minutes but then gave up and said go and ask your dad. Now I mention this here because on my way to Bradford UK where I did my first NicheHero Leadership gig I was thinking about how I failed my son as a leader and that this small incident was a copy of what many of our leaders do to us- pass the buck to someone else!!

Now that I have shared my leadership failure of yesterday, inshaAllah I will go on to tell you about my awesome leadership success. As I said I went to Bradford yesterday and delivered a speech to a large number of sisters. During the Q&A I was asked a few things- why did I do the NicheHero Certification, what was the one thing that I learned? InshaAllah I will share some of the answers to these questions in future posts but first sign up to the 6 days 6 gems free email series inshaAllah and benefit from the learning.

The main thing I learned yesterday to share with my fellow NicheHeros and everyone else is that if you have an idea that will benefit the Ummah you must TAKE ACTION. No matter how small it is, no matter how big it is. By the grace of Allah after my speech yesterday a few sisters came up to me and asked me to go back at the end of the year and be the guest speak at their presenation for students, dignitaries and parents at their schools which InshaAllah I will do. . .So coming back to the start of my day yesterday- I learned a massive lesson and I will do my best not fail my son as a leader again. If he asks me for help I will make sure that I respond properly and not pass the buck to his dad, the biggest challenge is to now do this as a leader outside my family! Wasalaam.

The only UK delegate to NicheHero Certification 2010.


  1. Dad found it!

    Dad (the one who was passed the buck)

  2. Mash'Allah Saiyyidah great video - you did it with such ease, it almost looks effortless. :)

    The length of the video was great - it was short but had a few key takeaways for the audience.

    Keep going forward - you'll insh'Allah only get better at it.

    Please do share some tips about staying calm infront of a video camera if you have any - JazakAllah Khair