Defining point in the journey

Assalam alaikum guys, So I have come to a bit of a realisation this week. Post the nichhero programme it has been really tough settling back into daily life. Back to work, back to people who are not all stars, and maybe not even in the duck category! The challenge now is how to work with people who have potential but need support to get them there.

One of the things I realised recently when speaking to my all star partner is that we as muslims need to be role models in society so taking the ethics and morals of islam and applying these we can be Outstanding Role Models in everything we do. From how we go to the supermarket to how we raise our kids. We are only here for a short time so lets go for being the best citizens of this world and that may motivate our colleagues. Nichhero just gives the skills to do it, but you need to apply or time and money was all wasted!


PS- All star- definition- someone who is a total star, has initiative and is an inspiration. Duck- definition- someone who just waddles along without too much aspiration.

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