Reaching the Best Standards

Assalam alaikum wa rahmatullah.

Bismillah, Recently, a wise, brother reminded me of something really powerful. Ihsaan. Ihsaan is the single most distinguishing feature that raises a human society above any other creations of Allah SWT and makes Allah proud of humanity. That is why Allah SWT has mentioned Ihsaan 5 different verses of the Holy Qur-aan, below is an example:

“Allah loves those who practice Ihsaan.” Al-Baqarah 2:195;

Ihsaan means striving to reach the best standards of performance in any circumstance or situation. It represents excellence, graciousness and benevolence. While ‘Adl (fairness and justice) requires satisfactory performance of one’s obligations to others and fulfilling the rights of others on oneself, Ihsaan suggests doing more than that which a person is obligated to do and giving more to others than what they are entitled to. So ‘Adl ensures peace and security of human society, Ihsaan makes it loving and caring and adds beauty to it. Wow, wow and super wow!

So when I was reminded of Ihsaan I started to think about the areas where I truly apply it in my life, and for me these are my work, my family and my kids. And alhamdolillah by applying Ihsaan and ‘Adl I am achieving successes that are beyond my expectations. And areas where I don't apply it, which I am embarrassed to say are my health and a couple of projects outside work. . . Now I have realised where I am going wrong inshaAllah the first step is to apply the principles of Ihsaan and see where that takes me.


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