I left my umbrella at home!

I was nervous and apprehensive of my trip for a number of reasons and as i was preparing i had many questions. Some of these I posted on the net to ask for advice, others I nervously asked of relatives out in Toronto for fear of looking stupid. How much money should I bring? How do I get from the airport to Downtown? Where can I get food from? Although these seem trivial they were important to me. I had not traveled to Canada before. I had close relatives there, genuine loved ones, but visits to them were always in another country.

Then a brother posted:
P.S: I thought I might add $0.02 about the weather. It rained a few days ago and the early mornings and late evenings have become a little chilly. I would recommend bringing a water resistant hooded light jacket/windbreaker/umbrella, just in case one needs to go for a walk or step outsidewhen the sun rays are weak.' . . . . and at the time I thought that was good advice.

BUT ITS RAINING NOW AND WHERE IS MY UMBRELLA? ITS IN MY ROOM. Now the rain is just a drizzle so it isn’t that much of a problem, but what if it was really pouring down? What if it was a thunderstorm? Then I would be unprepared, right?
Now what I take from this small example is that I have spent much of my life listening to the advice of others, picking up the tools for life and putting them in my bag but then either forgetting about them or not using them. They say if you have learned something implement it. I WILL NOW.

PS- IT IS RAINING HEAVILY NOW and I got soaked ;-)

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