Postcard from Canada

So, when I told my husband I wanted to do Nichehero- he was like ok, if you want to you have my full support. Then I asked about the money, he said dont worry, if it makes you happy, just do it. Then I was scared of telling my mum- sure she'd say no. . . she helped me to find somewhere to stay. Then there was work. For various reasons I had to come to Toronto at that specific time anyway. Then there was my kids- what would they be like. 'Just make sure you buy me presents', said my daugher; my son said ' I want to watch TV'. Ok then so no obstacles.

And then there was my mind. . . with all the other stuff going on did I really want to go to Toronto to deal with leadership issues as well as my own personal ones? Man, of course I did.

So here I am and you know what I am missing London and the family. . . I am missing my kids. . . I am enjoying seeing the rest of my family and will struggle to say goodbye for various reasons but most of all I am loving being part of a Ummah that is just out of this world and transends any fear I had.

Now for me to continue to take action. . .


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