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Most of us are in a team of one sort or another, whether it be at work with our colleagues, or at home with our partners, with our friends or even our kids. I don’t think we realise it but we become what surrounds us. Take the example of a kid who is from a great family but goes to a ok school. Their friends will be ok, their education will be ok, and their life will be ok. WHY NOT EXCELLENT? The group influences what team members think is most important, how they resolve conflict and how they interact with eachother. It also affects their choice about what they want or don’t want to work on and the quality of their work. Take my daughter for example. She is going to be outstanding inshaAllah. Take a moment and make a dua for her.
Her excellence won’t happen by accident. So when she went to nursery it was an average nursery and she was an average kid. Everyone knew she was smart including her and she built ways of hiding how smart she was. Then she started primary school- an average primary school with excellent results. I have always wondered how they get such good results and it has really only occurred to me as i write this- the kids are excellent! Like the instinct in most kids, they compete with eachother to be better , to be more popular, to have the better shoes. Anyone who says this isn’t true is kidding themselves.
So mashaAllah my daughter is surrounded by some really smart kids and she is doing excellent, but still not outstanding. Intentionally i thought ok, what can i do to help her. She loves reading Qu’ran- she once said to me that she wants to go to a school where all she does is Qu’ran. Say MashaAllah. So i found a supplementary school for her to go to. Little did i know it that at that school they would surround her with excellence. She goes for a few hours every week. The school is streamed by ability not age and she is one of the youngest in her class. For her the competition and company is pushing her to do better. And now she is becoming excellent at her recitation and her memorisation. . . say MashaAllah.
The thing to learn through this, is in order to succeed in life we need to surround ourselves with the best of company so that we can be the best of people (quote hadith).

If you want to be GUCCI, don’t wear TOP SHOP.


  1. MashaAllah, i pray Allah continues to strengthen you and helps you to take action now! Please continue to update your blog, I am enjoying your segmants immensely :) masalaama, from a sister who needs to take action now!

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  3. saiyyidah - jazakallah khair. please keep going with this blog...