Leadership from the front and back.

In today's crazy, fast paced world leadership is needed but is missing from BP and the current oil spill, to leadership within our communities. In the film “Braveheart”, William Wallace demonstrated many leadership techniques that helped his army be an effective, full force leaderthat won. Many of the techniques Wallace used are in force in modern day leaders as well, but where are they? By stepping up in a leadership role, Wallace gained the respect of the entire army even though he was not the man that was put in charge. One of the main things that Wallace did was lead through his actions. By stepping up to the front it showed his troops that he was not scared and this attitude was followed by the rest of the troops. In the present day an effective leader hears what others have to say and helps them with their issues- thats SHURA isnt it?

We should remember that the Prophet Muhammad (saw) said everyone of you is a shepherd, everyone of you is leading a flock, and you will have to stand up to Allah when he says what did you do with the flock I entrusted you with. . .

NOW WHAT WILL YOU SAY? How can we tackle the lack of leadership in our communities?


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