Taking a walk

Sometimes you don’t realise the power of an event until you reflect on it during NICHEHERO. . . On 24 June 2010 for the first time all year I volunteered to help take my daughters class to the sports field for a physical education class. There were 24 kids aged 6 and 4 adult helpers including the teacher... of the class. The teacher said we had to get there 15 minutes in advance of leaving to receive instructions. Great, I thought this is going to be really well organised and I wont be wasting my time. On 23 June 2010 (the day before) I received a text message the day before to say ‘there are no volunteers for the PE class’. That made me really mad, I had taken time off work to join this weekly trip and it was a big deal for me. . . I couldn’t contact anyone to ask if the trip was cancelled .

What should she have done? What should I have done?

Give your thoughts in the next 24 hours and I’ll tell you what happened next. . .

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  1. I wanted my daughter not to miss her PE class so I turned up early enough so that I could still go to work if the class was cancelled, which caused the school problems because they didnt know what to do with me as I was so early. There are a lot of ... See moreleadership lessons that can be learned from this simple journey to the sports field and back. As soon I get back to London I will be posting my NICHEHERO perspective on this