The power of Friday

Today I was due to go to a conference for work and take my son for his first day at school. Before I went away I was poisoned with all the Toxicity of life and decided that the conference was more important than my son. What is really interesting for me is that during the first few days of Nichehero I kept talking about how I wanted to keep my job, and that I could apply all the learning and these skills to my work and then just continue to excel and be amazing and be their hero. . .

Man, I got a lesson or 2! During the programme I realised what was really important in life and no matter how much we try and deny it (yes deny it!) Allah is the provider. So why did I want a successful career and make all those sacrifices for my own kids, to make a difference to the lives of others? One of the most profound lessons I learned, which may be hard for those reading this to digest is that there are difficult choices to make in life and often the hardest ones are those where you have to be selfish.

Today, I have spent much of the day reflecting on the jummah salat I attended last Friday- it was truely awesome and mashaAllah I was in the best of company. Today, I am at home just wishing I was back there, but you know what there will be others and the power of Friday is to have hope and be decisive inshaAllah.

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  1. Powerful ending and a lot to reflect on from it.
    We get so caught up with the dunya that we often forget that Allah is the Provider and the best Planner. May Allah protect us from the unnecessary distractions of this worldly life. Ameen!