The noise of life

Today I am going to work from home. I have a few key things I need to get done, but I am feeling so lost. How can that be when I know where I am? I am on the roundabout of life and not sure of where I will get off. Two of the exits have names and I dont know how many others there are or what they are called. The real test comes from the noise on the roundabout- its like there are massive roadworks and we are all distracted by the noise. So how will I stop listening to this? That will be a real challenge but perhaps just allowing some of the noise through is the answer.

How do you stop listening to all the noise?


  1. Ah the noise! The world is such a loud place. But, MashAllah I know you to be someone who can find meaning in even the noisiest situations and then benefit from them.

    May Allah SWT grant you selective hearing in all the loudness :)

    Wasalaamu Alaikum

  2. "We don't have the luxury to listen to critics anymore" - those were among some of the powerful words uttered by Sh. Muhammed during the Niche Hero seminar!

    Saiyyidah - I'm in complete awe of the your energy mash'Allah! Over the short period of time that I've interacted with you - your actions spoke a ton. I pray that your stong positive character rubs off on me and other insh'Allah! May Allah give you great amount of clarity on this new journey. Ameen!